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About the Project

The project “European Flirt-Expert” wants to contribute to the prevention of sexualized violence, especially sexualized infringements among adolescents. International studies and criminal statistics show, that a majority of sexualized infringements are committed by young people on young people.

The reasons are complex and based – among other things – on a lack of sex education, a culture of boarder-violations, traditional gender roles and a lack of possibilities for adolescents to deal with issues like love, relationship, sexuality, to develop a positive attitude and to face competent representatives with their questions.

The consequences of sexualized violence are complex and individually different. They can appear over the short to media and long term, they can manifest in psychic and physical level. The consequences could influence the whole life time. Problems in relationships, sexual malfunctions, addiction diseases, adjustment disorders, depressions, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, etc. affect the life of many adults which experienced sexualized violence in their childhood.

In this context the benefit of preventative measures is not just individual but also enormous from a macroeconomic point of view. This fact is taken into account in other parts of health prevention for a long time.

Sexuality is a human’s right. Children and adolescents have to be supported in their right on sex education and development of their sexuality. Protection of those rights, information and education of children, adolescents and adults about the existence of those rights is a fundamental attitude of the work of Hazissa and of this project.

The Project “European Flirt-Expert” is based on the interaction of science and practice. Hazissa is endeavored to implement new research in practical work. As contribution to prevention science a survey about the sexual health of adolescents is conducted. The aim is to answer following questions: How informed are adolescents about sexuality? From where do they get their information? Do they have reference persons to talk to about love, sexuality and relationship? Are or have they been confronted with sexualized violence? Etc. The survey allows insights in the living conditions of adolescents, in their experiences and needs. Through this survey the situation in the different countries can be compared and needed actions like the increasing of preventative measures and sex education, the implementation of adult education or special institutes for prevention could be recognized. The survey can and should be the base for further international projects and cooperation.