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Development of Peer-Materials

Second element of the project is the development and implementation of preventative projects with adolescents in the participating countries. The multipliers develop methods and concepts to work participatory with the adolescents on following issues: Where and how do they get to know each other? What do they like in flirting and what not? Are they influenced by role models in their behavior? Are they confronted with violence? Which competences do they have in reacting to violent situations? Etc. The adolescents get space (partially in gender homogenous settings) to share and discuss their realities, wishes and needs. They are supported and leaded by qualified trainers. The trainers also give information to the adolescents like behavioral strategies, where to get help and support, legal basics about sexuality and sexualized violence. After this part the adolescents should develop materials, which refer to the peer group with preventative messages. This could be videos, comics, pictures, etc. – the creativity and initiative of the adolescents is promoted. The workshop-course and methods are described in a way that multipliers can implement it with adolescents. Beneath the course and methods the manual will contain basic knowledge and advice.

Girl city map (Austria) – german

Buttons (Poland) – english

Booklet (Spain) – spanish

Booklet (Spain) – english

Poster (Spain) -spanish

Buttons (Rumania)