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The INDERA Foundation is an organization committed to women´s rights and gender equality. The aim of INDERA is to advocate for women’s rights by strengthening and mobilizing people, organizations and institutions through alliances and networking at European and international level.

To achieve this:

  • We build processes towards individual, collective and institutional empowerment in order to exercise active citizenship based on gender equality.
  • We promote intergenerational and inter-institutional exchange processes between women and men of diverse socio-economic, political and culture backgrounds.
  • We encourage different groups of women and men to work for gender equality.
  • We promote reflection as a core process to create alternative visions of masculine and feminine identities, other than the traditional interpretations.
  • We develop resources to strengthen the capabilities of people and institutions.

INDERA’s youth programme carries out work in secondary schools in distressed socio-economic districts of the province of Barcelona, where violence is a common currency in the student’s lives. In such context, INDERA promotes active citizenship from a gender equality perspective looking at the normalization of violence in daily life and communication and promotes self-care among students in the understanding that it helps to create a new foundation for building wellbeing in their lives. Diversity and cultural differences are important aspects in those processes in order to build mutual understanding of diverse realities and to strengthen social cohesion. The activities are interactive and based on building commonalities and understanding where the students are active agents of the learning processes.

INDERA works also with a horizontal methodology of intergenerational mentoring between immigrant women from different socio-economic backgrounds that helped them to acquire skills and capabilities to better manage their precarious life situation supporting them to improve their opportunities to access the labour market.

Another initiative of INDERA is working with an intergenerational perspective focusing on learning life skills through oral culture, visualizing that learning life and work skills is also strongly related to non-formal learning environments and intercultural exchange.

INDERA has broad experience in working with secondary schools on different social issues that lead, between others, to early school leaving (violence, bullying, gender based discrimination, etc.). INDERA participates in a community project about how to integrate ageing people in their homes into the local community.

Extensive experience of working with youth in a formal educational context from a gender and intercultural perspective. Participatory methodology and target group experience. INDERA also works with an innovative approach of self-care as the foundation of wellbeing for youth, that builds responsibility, positive life choices and active citizenship.

Skills and expertise are around participatory methodology and interactive learning, we organize and implement workshops for diverse target groups, events, seminars, individual sessions with adolescence and group work. Social media, media generally and its impact on young peoples life, bullying, pornography, sexualization of teenagers, romantic love (mechanisms of control and violence), self-objectification, beauty ideals, gender stereotypes, etc.

We work with role play, dance, meditation, activities for body awareness, self-care and awareness raising about nutrition, sleep and general wellbeing, etc.