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New Culture and Education Association is a young  Polish NGO’s organization. The association was founded as the initiative of teachers, educators,  as well as people who take on the culture meanings. Founder-members of our association have got a lot of experience in adult education (courses, trainings, workshops) and the cooperation in a lot of international projects. A lot of us work in schools and continously cooperate with youth. The subject matter of this project is very close to our activity.

We made and still making manifold “soft courses” concerning interpersonal communications e.g. concerning conflicts solving, assertiveness), prophylaxis (e.g. aggression prevention, HIV/AIDS prophylaxis) as well as training courses in the field of didactics and classes methodology. Five years ago our members  had the  opportunity to be a coordinator of the European project “Education for counteracting HIV/AIDS” which was prepared for adults who by virtue of the syllabus will be able to play the role of HIV/AIDS prophylaxis instructors. Four years ago our members  took part in the European project“E-AIDS – An e-learning environment for HIV/AIDS education”. We have a wide experience in the field of  creating educational syllabuses concerning sex education (in Poland there’s a school subject called “education for family life”). We are the authors of books on education for family life for pupils/students and teachers. Many school teachers use our books and materials and stick to our syllabuses.

Taking part in the project, we could use our capabilities and experiences that we got during realisation various programmes and projects (prophylaxis, education) but participation in this project will enable us the permanent transfer of good practices and experiences between the participants.