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The association Hazissa, an institute for prevention of sexualized violence, was established in January 2003.

Everyone can be affected by sexualized violence: children, adolescents, men and women. Particularly at risk are girls and women, people in institutions (e.g. homes or dormitories) or other dependent relationships as well as women and men with disabilities.

Hazissa tries to support changes in social and institutional power structures, raise awareness for the subject and provide information for the general public, trainings and knowledge transfer for parents and pedagogues, caregivers, children, adolescents, men and women with disabilities. This work prevents the incidences of sexual violence on the one hand and on the other hand supports the individuals within the help system in detection and processing of sexualized violence.

Hazissa is one of the few specialist units dealing wirth the prevention of sexualized violence in Austria.

The association attaches great importance on raising quality in prevention work and contributing to the development and implementation of standards.

The work of Hazissa is based on the newest research and tries to put them into praxis.

The staff is participating in further education and conferences regularly and organise such events by themselves (e.g. the conference “Best of Prävention” 2013).

The offers of Hazissa are aimed at all people who want to contribute to the prevention of sexualized violence and violence prevention in general.

We offer:

The implementation of target group oriented seminars, trainings and workshops in different settings, such as kindergartens, schools, youth centers, child care facilities, child welfare institutions, institutions for the disabled, care facilities, facilities for the elderly etc.

  • Lectures, information evenings and parent-teacher conferences
  • Organizational development concerning the possibilities of prevention of violence in facilities
  • Counseling and supervision, teambuilding
  • Public relations and awareness-raising
  • Informative literature, brochures, posters etc

Further offers are claimed directly to children, adolescents, people with disability and also elder people; the measures always are claimed to the whole institution (e.g. parents-teachers-pupils).

The Hazissa-Team consists of well-trained skilled staff from the areas psychology, pedagogy, special needs education and social work.

Extensive additional trainings like Clinical and Health Psychology, Supervision, Suggestopedia, Pedagogical Playing, Sex Education, Outdoor Pedagogy, research, Coaching, Organizational Consulting form the multi-professional basis for high-quality work in the field of prevention.